About Us

Warrior’s Hope is a Veterans Peer Support Group which operates with a distinctive spiritual perspective when dealing with PTSD. We seek to engage military veterans and service members to assist them in experiencing peace for their mind, body and Soul through peer lead sessions.


Accomplishing Goals

Through the power of faith in God, and in education that is as important as to the healing and recovery of the veterans suffering from debilitating issues.

Rules We Abide By

We promise to do no harm to ourselves or others. What is said here stays here. Say what you mean, mean what you say. If we do not see eye to eye, we can agree to disagree. No political discussions.

What Veterans Face

We as veterans face problems that can leave us feeling disconnected from ourselves and from other people. When we a can regain a connection with people, we can gain back some of what we have lost.

How Meetings Flow

Each of our weekly meetings starts out in prayer. We then go around and the room and introduce ourselves. Then we briefly discuss what we covered the previous week. We have facilitators to guide us through each week’s discussion.

Where to Find Us

We meet weekly at; 506 North Kiwanis Avenue, The Point is to Serve Church at 7:00 PM on Tuesday evenings.


We would like to extend a personal invitation to any and all veterans from any era or branch of the service. Many but not all of us are combat veterans. We are here to listen and help each other.